Nutrition Coaching

About Our Nutritional Programs 

Our nutritional coaching services at The Primal Movement aren’t just tailored to customize a nutrition plan. We want to work with you and your overall needs to be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. 

This means that we aren’t going to focus only on the food, and what needs to change; we’ll listen to you and your needs so that we can begin to develop a relationship together where we are supporting your own motivation for change and providing guidance where needed.

We understand that what works for one person doesn’t always work for another and our services are always customized for each client. We’ll offer a steady source of support to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your unique goals.

It’s More Than Just Healthy Eating

Through looking at your lifestyle and habits as a whole we are able to develop a well-rounded approach to helping you achieve your set milestones. To do this, we’ll spend our nutritional coaching time covering more than just healthy eating.

Other topics we’ll discuss include:

  • sleep patterns
  • energy levels
  • hunger levels
  • hormones
  • stress levels
  • triggers
  • emotions
  • training frequency and intensity
  • goals and performance

If you aren’t based in Nanaimo, BC, no problem! All of our nutritional coaching services are done via Skype, which offers more convenience and flexibility for all of our clients–whether near or far. Interested in having specialized meal prep done for you? Contact Us Today!

Nutrition Coaching

Month to month consulting with one of our highly qualified Pn1 coaches. You will begin with an initial consultation. Here we will gather important information such as goal setting, training frequency, intensity, and other lifestyle factors that will help your coach come up with a specialized plan. You will receive one thirty minute coaching call per month via Zoom. Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins will occur through TrueCoach or email.

We require an initial 3 month commitment with all Nutrition Coaching


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