Personal Training

About Our Personal Training Services 

At The Primal Movement, our personal training services are not specifically focused or geared towards one goal; that’s a mindset we don’t believe in. We do believe in healthy habits and developing a lifestyle that keeps you motivated to be active because being active feels good. We want you to feel good. All the time.

When we move from the “I have to lose weight” mindset to the “I can’t believe how strong I am,” state of mind, the benefits will spill over into every aspect of our lives. 

Living our best means taking care of ourselves, and being our own advocates, to overcome the mental and physical obstacles that often sideline us into negative thinking and inaction.

We don’t think of personal training as “getting in shape,” so much as helping you unleash your inner beast to conquer all the hurdles that life throws at you every day. Because your mentality plays such a big role in how you achieve your life goals, we encourage you to take a look at our Leadership Coaching and Nutrition Coaching opportunities to complement training sessions.

Workout Motivation: How You’ll Train with Us  

We don’t have a plan. At least, not yet. We want to meet with you and hear about your own workout motivation: what are your goals, your challenges, and your dreams? Whether it’s deadlifting world records or improving sleep patterns, there’s no wrong answer. 

Trainer Dallyn Giroux has an extensive background in specializations but there’s no set application to the individualized workout she will create with you. The beauty of personal training with Dallyn is that it is specialized programming based on each individual’s goals.

As a woman over 50, the strength and confidence I have gained has been incredibly empowering and has carried over into all facets of my life. My stamina and energy levels have increased and I continue to marvel at the things I can do at 54 that I couldn’t at 49. My body continues to change in positive and strong ways. 

Karen Hurst

Services & Rates

60 min: $60.50/session ($242/mo.)
45 min: $55/session ($220/mo.)


12x package: $627.00
24x package: $1254.00

60 min: $57.75/session ($462/mo.)
45 min: $52.50/session ($420/mo.)


24x package: $1197.00
48x package: $2394.00

60 min: $55.00/session ($660/mo.)
45 min: $50.00/session ($600/mo.)


36x package: $1710.00
72x package: $3420.00

$70.00 (14 day expiry)

*All single sessions are up to 60 minutes

60 min: $66.00/session ($132.00/mo.)
45 min: $60.00/session ($120.00/mo.)


*All single sessions are up to 60 minutes

$185.00 (30 day expiry)

*All start-up sessions are up to 60 minutes


2 people:  10% discount
3 people:  15% discount
4+ people:  20% discount

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